WOW...Times FOUR...

Let's just soak in for a second what we saw Sunday night.
Okay, I'm still in awe. And I'm sure I'm not alone.

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I've seen plenty of college football games in my lifetime, including the 2007 Fiesta Bowl, but Sunday night's Boise State-Nevada quadruple overtime thriller is definitely on my short list of incredible college football games.
Like the Fiesta Bowl, it had everything: one team heavily favored over the other (Boise State by 24 points), a lot on the line (Boise State's streak of never losing a WAC home game), and of course, plenty of drama.
"I felt like I was getting an anxiety attack every time, with all the going back-and-forth," said Bronco fan Lara Lavasse, who watched every second of the game that ESPN has already dubbed an "Instant Classic" and will replay Wednesday night at 8:00 on ESPN Classic. "Someone makes a score and then it's like you were waiting for them. Yeah, my heart was beating really fast."
The game, which Boise State won 69-67, set a record for the most points scored in an NCAA Division I-A game. It featured more than 600 yards of total offense from each team, 17 touchdowns and career days for both quarterbacks.
About the only thing it didn't have was good defense, which is ironic because the game was won on an incredible defensive play.
Former Bishop Kelly standout Tim Brady sacked Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick on the last play of the fourth overtime, which stopped the Wolf Pack from converting on a two-point conversion that would have tied the game at 69.
"I had about ten text messages after (the game)," said Boise State football coach Chris Petersen. "It was just all one-line, one-word messages. Because so much of it was good and so much wasn't. What do you say?"
You say 'a win is a win' and you look ahead to Louisiana Tech, but first figure out why your defense allowed a redshirt freshman quarterback (making his first career start) to do what he did Sunday night. Boise State's defense, which had been ranked in the top five in the nation, dropped to 38th.
"You know, everybody was just real excited that it went so long and it was just so much fun," said Bronco fan Loren James.
"Everyone wants to see more offense than more defense," added Petersen. And that's what you got (Sunday) night."
Boise State offensive lineman Dan Gore (75) blocks a crucial extra point late in the forth quarter.