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Moore to come

Boise State's stellar senior signal-caller is making his final push at making NCAA history, but what does the six foot southpaw have to offer once his college days are through?
If you're a college football fan and haven't heard of Kellen Moore, you may want to consider following women's volleyball during the fall. Over the past four years Moore has accrued over ten thousand yards passing, a mind numbing 102-20 touchdown to interception ratio, and has only lost two games. And oh yeah, he's been starting since his freshman year.
While Moore doesn't have your prototypical NFL physique (6'0" when he wakes up in the morning, and 191 lb. soaking wet) or a cannon for a left arm, he does have something that NFL scouts should be salivating over… he has "it".
Whether you want to call "it" moxie, or swagger, or just a supreme self-confidence that is masked by his overwhelming humility. The kid's got "it".
When you watch him play, it's apparent. The cliché's come out of the woodwork, cool as a cucumber, ice water running through his veins, never say die attitude. He never yells or seems irritated with his teammates, he appears to be in complete control of his surroundings no matter how big the stage.
As a coach's son, Moore is a master of preparation. Even being called an "on-field coach" by his head coach Chris Petersen. Countless hours of film study help him disassemble opposing defenses on a regular basis.
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Click Here to view this Link.Undoubtedly, it would be hard to find another player in college football that better uses every ounce of their ability to help their team win than Moore. Something, scouts at the next level should pay close attention to. With multiple big-name busts in the last few years (Jamarcus Russell, Matt Leinart, Vince
Young) Kellen Moore could be about as safe a bet as you can get for QB's at the next level.
Comparisons that come to mind would be New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, another smaller QB that was frowned upon coming out of college for his stature. Or dare I say, a certain number 16 that played for San Francisco (maybe a little early for that one). But the similarities are apparent, undersized, without elite arm-strength, but a winner that never backs down and never lets the moment get to him.
Another comparison is the way Moore gets the ball to his receivers. Lots of quarterbacks with great arms try to thread needles and overpower coverage's with their arm-strength. Moore spreads the wealth around and finds the open man, giving his receivers a chance to get yards after the catch.
As Moore continues his senior season and attempts to beat Colt McCoys all-time win record, he'll undoubtedly get overshadowed by Stanford's Andrew Luck, or Oklahoma's Landry Jones, when it comes to Heisman voting and draft status. But if Boise State can run the table, and a few other top teams can tumble, Moore and the Broncos may finally get their shot to prove to the world that they belong on the National championship stage. Then, people may start giving this guy the respect that he deserves
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