Dont Listen to the Experts

By now there's not much more we can say about either Boise State or Oklahoma that you haven't already heard. The Sooners are the more experienced team with tradition and history on their side, the Broncos are the feel-good underdog story of the college football season.
We, of course, know all about Boise State, and by "we" I mean the entire state of Idaho, the Western Athletic Conference, and probably the Pacific Northwest.
But for those who still don't know much about Boise State, that's where the national preview shows come in handy.
The Broncos' one aired Saturday afternoon with features on sophomore tailback Ian Johnson, who leads the nation with 24 touchdowns, and senior quarterback Jared Zabransky.
But to be fair, Oklahoma's preview aired right afterwards.
It included features on quarterback Paul Thompson, who took over the QB duties after Rhett Bomar was dismissed from the team over the summer, a sit-down interview with head coach Bob Stoops, and players' thoughts on facing WAC champion Boise State.
The Sooners had nothing but praise for the Broncos, respecting their work ethic and the fact that Boise State is undefeated.
Then it came time for the prediction...
"Let me tell you my logic," said college football analyst Petros Papadakis. "Three degrees of separation. Boise State beat Oregon State, badly. Oregon State beat Oregon. Oregon, though the game was poorly officiated, beat Oklahoma. I like Boise. Three degrees of separation."
It's nice to know at least one so-called "expert" is picking Boise State to beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta bowl, but to be honest, his logic just might be one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard.
If you want to argue that Boise State will beat Oklahoma by, say, pointing out areas where the Broncos can exploit weaknesses, fine. But to say that BSU will win because they played a team who beat another team that beat Oklahoma? Please!
The Fiesta Bowl is a little more than a week away (January 1st).
But the inaugual New Mexico bowl was Saturday afternoon, featuring the first of four WAC teams, 8-4 San Jose State, vs New Mexico from the Mountain West Conference.
The Spartans, playing in their first bowl game since 1990, jumped out to a 13-0 lead in the second quarter,and held on to win 20-12. Spartan wide receiver James Jones, a 2nd team all-WAC selection, had six catches for 106 yards and two touchdowns.