BSU Limits Media Access

BOISE- Let me first start out by saying I understand where Coach Chris Petersen is coming from.
By closing off practice, he can keep tabs on the people who know what's going on. And it's not like BSU is the only school to do it.
But what can we expect from it?

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In 2005, right after the Georgia game, quarterback Jared Zabransky refused to do interviews. In fact, he threatened to cut off the media entirely for the rest of the season saying at the time that he wanted to spend more time in the film room.
As far as Boise State is concerened, we'll still have access to the coaches and players on a weekly basis. But story ideas are generated by going to practice regularly. So is updating our video archives with footage of individuals.
The players I spoke with after Friday's scrimmage don't mind us being aound them.
"I really don't have any thought on that, whatever," said sophomore quarterback Nick Lomax, and when I asked him if he'd prefer it one way or the other, he answered, "Nah, i don't really care either way."
Adds sophomore wide receiver Jeremy Childs, "I really don't care, you know. For closed practice, it's more focused on the guys who aren't getting as many reps to get more reps and watch the guys in front of them."
Ultimately, it's Coach Petersen's decision to close practice. Without us there, I agree, there is less of a distraction. But time will tell if the team will do better without us there...