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Blue Crew Predictions: Idaho State

35-24. Looking at this score, you would think Boise State struggled quite a bit in Provo, and they did at times. That said, I'll bust out an overused cliche and say the Broncos snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. The Broncos season isn't over by any means, but they'll begin the path to redemption this Friday vs. Idaho State. Will the Broncos win big, or will the FCS epidemic strike the blue? Here are our "expert" opinions.
Brad: -
Well after a heartbreaking loss for the Broncos I expect the coaching staff to make some changes and get the team back on the right track. I think Boise State finally rights their offensive miscues and there will be points. This should be a very manageable game and it should get out of hand early. I see this as all Broncos. Boise State 52 Idaho State 10
Mike: -
Last year the staff and players proved they could regroup after tough losses. This week will be no different. Idaho State will be a game where the Broncos should dominate and improve the areas they've been lacking these first two weeks. Ryan Finley will put up good numbers for the first time this season, Jeremy McNichols will continue to dominate and he won't be the only player to score a touchdown in a game. However, this will be more of a feel-good game as opposed to a true testament of where Boise State is at, similar to the Tennessee Martin game a few years back. Boise State 42, Idaho State 17
Jeremy -
I was pretty close to being dead on about my BYU pick. I think Drinkwitz improved as a play-caller, but Finley's lack of arm strength and overall awareness showed. While I do think BSU's ceiling as a team is limited with Finley throwing the ball, I do think they should be able to have success vs. a Bengals team that was soundly whipped in Pocatello by Portland State. I think McNichols has a big day and Finley lures fans into a false sense of security with a solid performance vs. an inferior opponent. Give me Boise State 38, Idaho State 13.
Stan -
My prediction last week came within 45 seconds of being a very good prediction only being off by 2 points and then … well you know. last week's second half collapse should really motivate the Broncos to make a better showing this week. Motivation that might normally not be there when preparing for an FCS team. And that will be a good thing because even though Idaho State lost last week to Portland State this is still a good team with some talented players many of which might have a chip on their shoulder for not being recruited to play at the FBS level. Boise State knows a lot about playing with a chip on your shoulder. Still this is a very talented Boise State team that should be focused and looking to make a statement of their own. Boise State 49, Idaho State 10