136 points!

Last week I joked about whether the Defense was Rashuan Scott's friend, turns out they really are!!! We all sat down to watch a football game and all of a sudden a Basketball game broke out. That's alright with me I would rather watch a ball game with a basketball score than one with a soccer score.
"On every given Saturday, Sunday, or whenever, that's why you got to play the game. Not in a million years did we think the game was going to go like this." said Boise State coach Chris petersen. You and me both coach Pete. But dang he is right, if there is one thing about this season should have pounded into our heads it is that nothing should be taken for granted.
Even though the Broncos won the game, one of the most compelling stories has to be the precocious play of Nevada's QB Red Shirt Freshman Colin Kaepernick. In his first start Colin had to enter the confines of one of the most unforgiving home field advantages in college football. After four quarters and four overtimes the WAC knows that Colin does not care about home field advantage. His numbers were truly eye opening for a first start against what was at the time the 3rd ranked defense nationally; 243 yards thru the air and 177 on the ground and recording 5 touchdowns 3 passing and 2 rushing.

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Two things that might slip by unnoticed; the kid can handle the ball, at times no one but Colin new he had the ball. He displayed a knack at keeping the ball out of sight until it was to late and number two, the kid did not make mistakes, He took care of the ball and did not stray from what he could do. My hat is off to him and the rest of the Nevada offense which showed that it could hang with just about anyone.
Certainly what may appear to be Armageddon to Bronco fans should be seen as a breath of life into a team that may have finally found themselves this Sunday evening. "We've never faced this sort of adversity when we were against the wall" remarked Ian Johnson following the game. "They took the lead on us and we had no clue how our guys were going to react. We definitely reacted this year with every kind of attitude and enthusiasm that we're supposed to. Last year's team did it, we just answered the question, can this year's team do it too." It may seem like a hallow comment to some but after the SJSU game last year we all should understand that growth comes through adversity, and Sunday can definitely be called adversity.
We now know that this team will not stop competing and that this offense has more ways to score than Colin Farrel. Just to recap a few stats, Sherm Blaser's first multi touchdown game, Ian Johnson's longest run from scrimmage and his first receiving TD along with a pile of yards,"Iceman" Kyle Brotzman dropping 4 FG's in some rather stressful positions, Jeremy Childs 140 yard's and a TD and Taylor Tharp connecting for 320 yard's 4 TD's and hitting 11 different receivers.