January 17, 2007

A Bonanza for the Ducks

John Laidet is a 6-5, 235-pound senior in high school. He's run a hand-timed 4.63 40 yard dash. He was named state defensive player of the year this past season. He's one of his school's best performers in three different sports. In addition to his prowess on the football field, Laidet averages 14 points and eight rebounds as the starting center for his high school basketball team. He runs the 200 and 400 meters in track and he has thrown the shot over 51 feet. He can bench 225 pounds 14 times without stopping. He's a minor celebrity in his hometown and everyone there is excited about his athletic potential.

The coaching staff of the University of Oregon Ducks saw something intriguing in the information which Laidet's coach at Bonanza sent to them and decided they wanted to know more. The Duck coaches watched Laidet play in a number of football games this season. They liked what they saw.

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