June 27, 2012

Hayden Weichers is seeing the beginning of a childhood dream come to reality

We all have dreams growing up, not all of our dreams come to fruition. The ones that do have a special place in our hearts and is something we can relive with others as we share it. Hayden Weichers is seeing the beginning of his dream come true. See, Hayden had a father who played for BYU, not only a father play for BYU he also had uncles play for BYU.

Naturally, it was easy to know who the family cheered for growing up. Hayden expressed his dream of running out of the tunnel suited up in a BYU uniform. "Yeah, ever since I could breathe I've been a BYU fan. My dad and a few of my uncles played for BYU. And I have always wanted to be like my dad. So it was my goal to run out of that tunnel and play for BYU."

Weichers is 6'0 167 lb WR out of Bingham High in South Jordan, UT also had an offer from Utah State and was told he would be receiving a senior evaluation after his first three games of the season from Utah and Boise State.

But even with his ultimate dream of running out of the tunnel for BYU, Weichers did not commit right when he was offered. He still wanted to take some time and evaluate. As part of the evaluation he felt he needed to make it a matter of prayer.

"With me being LDS, Utah State offered me a full ride but I would play as a freshman. And BYU's scholarship is to start in 2016 when I get back from my mission. I have recently been up in the air about serving a mission and I just thought about and prayed about it. I felt the man upstairs will let me know what to do."

Weichers felt he got his answer while at church yesterday, and made no delays about his answer. "No reason to wait any longer when I already know I need to go to BYU." said Weichers.

First thing he did this morning is called Coach Cahoon and asked if he could come visit him. The arrangement was made and at 4:30 he shared with the coaches that he was committing to BYU. Oh, and before he shared with the coaches his news, he saw a friend of his Billy Green, a QB from Washington who also shared with the coaches that he was committing to play for the Cougars.

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